About Untangled Webs

We began developing websites in 2003. Primarily the sites were for artists, artistic organizations, and local businesses. We have grown, but we still are committed to helping small to medium sized businesses achieve their online goals. We get it. Small businesses often don’t have the resources or manpower in their IT departments to cope with their local networks, their local server environments, all the hardware maintenance, repairs, and information security; let alone trying to design, code, and maintain a healthy web presence. It’s a lot of work.¬†We know.¬†That’s why this business was started. To make sure the small business owners and their representatives, the entrepreneurs, the artisans and artists have a web site that works for them and maximizes their online exposure.

Located just outside of Research Triangle Park in North Carolina, Untangled Webs personnel have been working with the most cutting edge web technologies since the inception of the world wide web. RTP boasts some of the best and brightest minds in the IT industry; and at the risk at sounding a little boastful ourselves, a few of them work right here at Untangled Webs.

The credo of Untangled Webs Design & Development is simple.

  • We are committed to small business.
  • We are committed to making sure every single site deployed strictly adheres to the W3C Standards of web compliance.
  • We are committed to ensuring that every site deployed is optimized for search engines.
  • We are committed to every site leaving our development environments being fully mobile compatible and easily viewed on any mobile device even with an abysmally slow 3G connection.

This is what we’re about. Working for you and with you every step of the way. Now, enough about us. What about you? Give us a call. Shoot us an email. We’d love to meet you.